Meigs County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

Austin Cemetery     Pomeroy
Baker Cemetery     Shade
Ball Knob Cemetery     Portland
Barton Cemetery     Alfred
Beech Grove Cemetery     Pomeroy
Bentz Cemetery     Alfred
Bethlehem Cemetery     Ravenswood
Bowens Cemetery     Vales Mills
Brick Cemetery     Alfred
Brick Church Cemetery     Portland
Browning Cemetery     Portland
Bunker Hill Cemetery     Pomeroy
Burlington Cemetery     Shade
Caldwell Cemetery     Coolville
Carlton Cemetery     Shade
Carmel Cemetery     Chester
Castor Cemetery     Vales Mills
Cherry Ridge Cemetery     Alfred
Chester Cemetery     Chester
Cowdery Cemetery     Portland
Coy Hill Cemetery     Rutland
Eastman Cemetery     Chester
Eden Cemetery     Coolville
Engle Cemetery     Ravenswood
Fish Cemetery     Alfred
Flatwood Cemetery     Coolville
Folden Cemetery     Rutland
Gilmore Cemetery     Chester
Goff Cemetery     Rutland
Gomer Cemetery     Rutland
Gotschall Cemetery     Albany
Greenwood Cemetery     New Haven
Gregory Cemetery     Vales Mills
Hawley Cemetery     Portland
Heiney Cemetery     Coolville
Hemlock Grove Cemetery     Chester
Higley Cemetery     Rutland
Hiland Cemetery     Pomeroy
Hoffman Cemetery     Alfred
Horner Hill Cemetery     Pomeroy
Hugg Cemetery     Rutland
Johnson Cemetery     Portland
Keebaugh Cemetery     Alfred
Kennedy Cemetery     Chester
Keno Cemetery     Portland
Kibble Cemetery     Lubeck
Laucks Chapel Cemetery     Portland
Letart Falls Cemetery     New Haven
Longstretch Cemetery     Rutland
Martin Cemetery     Ravenswood
Massar and Koenig Cemetery     Chester
McCaskey Cemetery     Rutland
McKay Cemetery     Ravenswood
McKenzie Cemetery     Portland
Middleport Hill Cemetery     Pomeroy
Middleswart Cemetery     Portland
Midway Cemetery     Rutland
Miles Cemetery     Rutland
Minersville Hill Cemetery     Chester
Mound Cemetery     Chester
Mount Herman Cemetery     Chester
Mount Olive Cemetery     Wilkesville
Nelson Cemetery     Wilkesville
Oak Grove Cemetery     New Haven
Ogden Cemetery     Albany
Old Salem Cemetery     Wilkesville
Ottobine Cemetery     Ravenswood
Pearsol Cemetery     Rutland
Pine Grove Cemetery     Chester
Piper Cemetery     Wilkesville
Plants Cemetery     New Haven
Pleasant Home Cemetery     Coolville
Point Pleasant Cemetery     Wilkesville
Rainbow Cemetery     Portland
Rawlings Cemetery     Albany
Reedsville Cemetery     Pond Creek
Ridenour Cemetery     Chester
Riverview Cemetery     Pomeroy
Rock Springs Cemetery     Pomeroy
Sacred Heart Cemetery     Pomeroy
Saint Johns Cemetery     Pomeroy
Salem Center Cemetery     Wilkesville
Sand Hill Cemetery     Portland
School Lot Cemetery     Albany
Shipman Cemetery     Albany
Smith Cemetery     Chester
Standish Cemetery     Wilkesville
Stewart Cemetery     Portland
Sutton Cemetery     Portland
Syracuse Hill Cemetery     Chester
Temple Cemetery     Vales Mills
Tuppers Plains Cemetery     Coolville
Vonschriltz Cemetery     Rutland
Wells Cemetery     Albany
White Chapel Cemetery     Coolville
White Oak Cemetery     Rutland
White Oak Cemetery     Shade
Worthen Cemetery     Portland
Wright Cemetery     Rutland

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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